FAQ: Krav Maga for Beginners

Krav Maga self defense is a serious self defense system   The skills taught are well known for their use by the Israeli military as well as law enforcement. That can sound intimidating. However, the Krav Maga training program at RHAMMA is designed to be taught safely to anyone who is willing to learn. 

Krav Maga cannot be learned from a book. The best way to learn and practice krav maga is in a group training class, led by a certified  Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW) instructor filled with different partners in order to experience different variations on the simulated attacks and defenses.  

Self Defense, Not Fighting

The definition of krav maga, above everything else, is that it’s a collection of effective self-defense techniques, not a carte-blanche excuse to start brawling with everyone who looks at you sideways. From the very beginning, the system has been about efficiently defending yourself when you have no other options left. Krav maga isn’t just about teaching you good ways to take down an opponent; it’s about using that ability with responsibility as well.

By definition, krav maga is a way of letting you effectively defend yourself, not a way of harming others. It’s a powerful way of disarming an aggressor, and as such, it’s only to be used when all other forms of conflict resolution have failed.

Fitness is a Benefit

A new or returning student does not need to be in the best shape of their life to practice serious self defense.  All of our students, who train regularly, realize strength gains and weight loss while learning krav maga. This fitness success then gives our new students the courage to set personal goals for themselves. Our instructors are there to encourage and support the students to reach those goals and then help them set and achieve new ones!  This is true for both adults and children.

Not a Traditional Martial Art

RHAMMA does not teach martial arts for competition. Trophies are not fixtures in our building. The school’s goal is to teach self defense. The kind that is applicable to our daily lives mentally as well as physically. Krav maga training definitely has a historical significance. It has roots as far back as the 1930s, when founder Imi Lichtenfeld had to find a way to protect himself and his kin from the fascist violence erupting across his homeland of Bratislava. The goal of krav maga is not to instigate a conflict, but to stop a fight before it can get out of hand. Although today’s krav maga has been refined and adapted for civilian use, the intensity which the adult classes train has remained. 

Self Defense is Also Mental

Being harder to harm or kill combines both physical and mental elements. Our new adult students usually have a lot to learn in the mental preparedness area. Being more aware of our surroundings and knowing how to diffuse situations are incredible skills to have as an adult. We teach those skills by running real life scenarios in class to prep your mind for the unthinkable.  This element of our training is a staple here at Rhamma Krav Maga. It is equally important for a child to Learn these skills as well. By running scenario type training drills in class, it teaches a child to be able to deal with conflict, bullies, or stressful situations. These are invaluable skills for a child in today’s world. The mental lessons of krav maga self defense training are priceless benefits.

Safety First

We talked about starting your training no matter what kind of physical shape you are in. It is important to remember to go at your own pace. We are not competitors, remember? What our instructors are looking for from a student is that they are working hard and pushing themselves at their level. Injuries are not fun for anyone. In fact, injuries at krav maga worldwide level one are rare.

Krav maga is an  incredibly safe self defense system to train in. It’s as rigorous about safety as it is about technique. Our kmw certified instructors are attentive, practiced experts; they know not to challenge you with moves you’re not ready for.  The mats are well padded, the education is thorough, and the teachers (having been thoroughly vetted during the instructor certification process themselves) know exactly what they’re doing.


For clothing, we recommend comfortable athletic apparel & shoes for all classes. For Level 1 Krav, you will need grappling gloves, groin protection and a mouthguard. For Level 2 and higher, shin guards, mouth guards, groin protection, boxing gloves, and headgear are required. We have all of this in our pro shop area.

Everyday is an opportunity to increase your skills!

Adults and children are learning self defense and getting fit at RHAMMA Krav Maga everyday. We offer a unique approach to training that you truly must experience to understand. Please contact us through the website or stop in to learn more. We would love to train with you!

New Member Specials are happening till the end of January 2020!

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