Krav Maga

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You will learn self-defense faster and more accurately than in a traditionally based martial art because Krav Maga focuses on reality-based training that addresses real-world dangers and the tactics that are used by those looking to victimize others. You will practice self-defense techniques on your first day to start building your real-world self-defense capability quickly.


Our organization, Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW), works closely with law enforcement. KMW is always evolving its techniques and curriculum, and continually educating its certified instructors in techniques that are seen in the real world. Instructors that are certified as part of the Krav Maga Worldwide family are held to the highest standards and are tested in grueling training sessions before being allowed to teach the ones we care about most, our students.


Our students are young ladies and men, professional men and women (some that travel), people that work in higher risk environments, mothers, fathers, doctors, and lawyers.


Krav Maga is widely accepted as the best self-defense system in the world today. By training Krav Maga at RHAMMA, you don’t just practice punches and kicks; you learn and practice real-world defenses and counter attacks that address the immediate danger to you or your loved one. If you are surprise attacked and find yourself unexpectedly in a confrontation, your training will kick in and you will react instinctively. This will ensure that you will be able to quickly and decisively neutralize the threat and get home safe.


Is it challenging? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

“Training in Krav Maga and learning to react to threats quickly and decisively allows you to walk through your life in peace and with great confidence. “


We stress optimal fitness when you train for self defense. Every class is started with physical strengthening exercises to warm you up quickly followed by a fast dynamic stretching routine. When finished with the warm-up, students are sweating and ready to perform at their optimal physical level.


“Our adult program is challenging, and you will quickly realize it’s worth the hard work as you become aware of a new confidence and strength that lifts you up and motivates you to challenge yourself for more.” -Mr. G