March Bag Class Challenge


Hello March! Chest towards the ground this month in an all new bag class challenge!

You can sign up to participate at the beginning of class. We will record the number of FULL push ups you complete in 1 minute. The last week of the month we’ll all test again & see how we physically improved. 

Bag instructors will help you focus on building your push up muscles in every bag class for the month of March to help motivate you to become better than you were the day before.


**These challenges are you VS you, so be ready to challenge yourself!**


Here at RHAMMA we value community, continuous improvement, and leading by example.


February Results: 

Student Improvement 17%

Instructor Improvement 26%

Everyone worked hard! Congratulations on your improvements, we are proud of you.


Not a student yet?  Learn more about our bag program here.

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