Children's Program

“My son Pablo has become more independent and aware of right and wrong when interacting with other kids. Mr. G sets a great example for them to look up to, mainly because of the principles he teaches and the patience and talent he has towards all the children. We are very pleased he is attending lessons.”

Fatima Luevanos

“Very good school . The instructor is GREAT with kids!!!! I highly recommend this place!!!!!”

Virginia Peña

“A great martial arts class for my 3 year old son. Mr.G is an absolute amazing instructor that connects with children and my son loves his classes.”

Jongah Choe

“Just amazing. My son love to go.”

Adriana Salazar Moreno

“Do yourself and your kids a favor and involve them in this program. You will see them grow, physically and psychologically, before your eyes.”

Lexie Vujovich-Hoffman

“Best place of Martial Arts. My son has been there for over six year and love it. Mr. G is a great teacher.”

Margarita Mata

“My kids have been with this school for 5 years. Out of 10 stars I’d rate them as a 12. Excellent instruction, great confidence builder and what they teach translates well in almost any real life situation.”

Danny Uselman

“‘Mr. G’ is the best sensei for children that I’ve ever seen. He blends the serious focus and discipline of the martial arts with a patience for children that rivals that of a special education teacher. You can find one of the two in many academies, but finding both is a rare treat.
To any parent who’s had bad experiences with the dubious business leanings of the better advertised places in Troy and Rochester Hills (and there are many such parents) — don’t give up on martial arts for your kids until you’ve given this exceptional school a try! This place gets it right.”

Jeffe Boats

“My children have been attending Choi Kwang Do classes since they were about four years old. They are now 8. As an educator myself I was keenly interested in the way that the program uses the entire body to build the brain as much as it does the body, and I have seen huge improvements in my children’s academic performance as well as their martial arts skills.

Every day my kids and I go to class we look forward to it, and every time we feel good about what we accomplish there. This is one of the best decisions I have made for my family.”

Lea P.

“Attending RHAMMA has been an excellent experience for my son. After a difficult experience at another dojo, my son was hesitant to return to martial arts. Friends kept recommending signing him up for one of Mr. G’s classes and I am so grateful we did.
Mr. G has been so positive, encouraging, and gentle with my son 100% of the time. He has high expectations, but is able to adjust appropriately for students with unique needs. He connects with each child and builds not just their skills, but their self confidence. Not many people understand my son and how to work with him, but Mr. G figured him out right off the bat. It was reassuring as a parent to know my child was in good hands each time he walks through the door.”

Amanda Hensley

“We have two boys that take classes with Rochester Hills Choi Kwang Do [RHAMMA]. Mister G is an amazing instructor. He has a true gift in teaching. He has a great balance of discipline and playfulness.”

Dr. Patricia Collins, OBGYN

“Our family has attended RHCKD for over 18 months, we have seen improvement in focus, mood, and skill. Mr. G is incredible with children at all levels. He is committed to his students and has patience and skill. He is also fabulous with children with special needs. We love this school and recommend it to everyone we know.”

Carry Lozier, LOZIER MUSIC

“Mr. G’s instruction has helped my child improve his listening skills and following instructions. Also, my son has improved in his movements, physical stability. I really enjoy this experience with my child. He has a lot of respect for Mr. G and this has also helped him learn respect outside the class.”

Mrs. Samohin

Krav Maga

“I have been going to Rochester Hills Krav Maga for the last two years and love the intense workouts, camaraderie with the other members and staying healthy.

This is definitely one of the best workouts I have done in a very long time. At 50, Krav Maga keeps me in shape and how to defend myself and others if ever needed.

I highly recommend Rochester Hills Krav Maga to everyone in our community and thank Glenn Wygocki for his commitment to my training.

Brian Gallagher

“I truly enjoy coming to the Krav class each week! Glenn & Gabi are wonderful instructors and make you feel very welcome. We learn a lot of different techniques and each class is slightly different, never boring. I am so glad I decided to give it a try. I love it!🥰

Crystal Goltz

“Great place, fantastic people. Both instructors and classmates. Instruction is understandable. Drills support muscle movement memory.

I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for three decades. I’ve been in many clubs.

Truly, the family friendly atmosphere throughout this club is amazing. And first rate instruction!”

Kim Clancy Adams Solmen

“Awesome place to train! The instructors are informative and like to challenge you in different ways in each class!”

Sean Hadley

“Patient yet firm instructor (Mr. G) with enough knowledge and experience to cater flexible mentorship for each student widely ranging in skill and ability

Would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn martial arts or other discipline to check this place out and give it a try!”

Bhajneet Kohli

“I have so loved watching my kids’ classes that about a year ago I joined the adult classes for Choi Kwang Do and, more recently, Krav Maga. When I first started I was so out-of-shape that I could not walk a flight of steps without being winded. But the instructors and the other students are welcoming, encouraging and supportive and have inspired me to reach for my goals. Last fall I sustained an injury at home that took me out of class for six months. Since my return a few weeks ago I have felt safe knowing that I was among friends and that my instructor had my back, watching to make sure I did not push past my limits and encouraging me to do what I could. I am now running laps and doing a tough workout, and a flight of stairs isn’t even an afterthought anymore.”

Lea P.

“Great place for training! Mr. G is a great instructor, able to integrate the class and guide all students to the next level (including in a multi-level class). The environment is judgment free and everybody is very friendly, so it is easier to learn and have fun!”

Camila Souit

“I’ve trained under the guidance of Mr. G and many other wonderful instructors for around 7 years. RHAMMA is a place to have fun and learn how to defend yourself.

RHAMMA is a place for children and adults to make new friends. RHAMMA is a great place to let your children learn the techniques of a martial artist.

Mr. G is a wonderful instructor and is a great role model for all students. Mr. G is able to incorporate learning with an element of fun.

RHAMMA isn’t just for kids however, they offer a wonderful adult program where you get to learn the basics of Krav Maga. RHAMMA offers more than just self defense, RHAMMA offers a bag class and a weight training class.

I would recommend RHAMMA to anyone who is interested in self defense.”

Jonah Midtgard

“I have trained at RHAMMA in Krav Maga and Choi Kwang Do disciplines for around an year and it was an awesome experience.

Mr. G is a great teacher, I learned lot from him. From little kids to adults, he can train all. I would also like to mention that all people who train here are very welcoming and supportive. No egos hurt even during sparring. I had to discontinue because of my personal reasons but waiting to join them as soon as I can.

One of the best places to learn martial arts.

kumar saket