RHAMMA Stair Club

Top of the stairs at a local park for stair club.

The RHAMMA Stair Club has been formed by RHAMMA KRAV MAGA instructor, Gabi Flourescu, as a fun way to compliment our self defense training as well as to get in some outdoor exercise! During a typical stair training session, a variety of conditioning, strength, and endurance exercises are performed. Gabi adjusts every session based on the fitness level and ability of those attending. She is deviously creative, it’s difficult to predict what she’ll come up with next!

Endurance is a key part of self defense. It could be the factor in determining the outcome of a fight. We have all heard Mr. G saying that near the end of class. The final moments of a class is where we must train the hardest, strive not to quit, and decide to push ourselves so that we can overcome. Gabi builds upon that ideology and makes sure she ends each Stair Club meeting with a drill that creates mental strength as her group digs deep to finish. Perseverance and endurance go together hand in hand!

Please Join Us

Students, family, and friends are invited to run the stairs with us. We really would like to see each and everyone of you. Community is an important part of the RHAMMA school culture.

All fitness levels are invited to join us. No matter where you are, you are invited to do what you can. RHAMMA strongly values respect and humility. There are no egos at our school and there are certainly no egos in our group on the stairs.  (Unless you count the mosquitoes!)

Things to Know

Weather is definitely a factor for Stair Club.

  • Any kind of precipitation will cancel the club. That includes precipitation the night before because it will leave the stairs wet and slick.
  • For our safety, Stair Club will only meet if the temperature is between 40° and 80° Fahrenheit. We will try to post cancellations when it’s possible, but please keep an eye on the weather yourself.
  • As the weather gets warmer, you will need bug spray and sunscreen. The stairs are in the woods.

There is a playscape for children close to the stair area. Running the stairs will take us out of sight of the playscape, but families are welcome if someone is available to watch the kids.

Wear comfortable athletic clothing and remember your water.

Please be aware that this is a public park.

  • There will be other groups doing other things.
  • There will also be people with dogs. Please keep that in mind if you bring children or prefer to avoid dogs.
  • Regarding dogs, we ask that you leave your dogs at home please. As much as we would love to meet your furry friend. The stairs are not the best place for them. We run in a group and there is not much room on the stairs. Especially when there is two way traffic.

When: Sunday mornings at 9:30am

Where: See Gabi or direct message the school for this information.

Cost: The park charges a $5 fee per vehicle each day or $35 for a year pass 

Are you excited yet???

Let’s do this!!!

Begin training with us today!

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