Kids Krav Maga – RMX

Krav Dragons

Ages 3-5

Kid's Classes

Ages 6-13

Adaptable and Scalable

Designed specifically for children, Krav RMX at RHAMMA Krav Maga is adaptable and scalable to multiple scenarios. It is also useful in instantly changing scenarios in real life, where a challenge can appear suddenly out of nowhere. This is the notable difference between Krav RMX and traditional martial arts.

Quick Thinking

The instructors at RHAMMA Krav Maga teach a flexible discipline that requires the child to self motivate. They learn the ability to adapt their response to a problem quickly. The drills our students work on are unique to krav maga. They create a mindset in the child that when the unexpected occurs, there is always another solution. This is the foundation of krav maga: our students quickly become adept at finding creative solutions to challenges and changes on the spot. 

Self Defense Skills

Our kids class teach a balance of stand up striking, stand up grappling, ground defenses, and takedowns. Striking, as well as defenses for grabbing, choking, headlock defenses, ground wrestling and ground fighting  defenses are taught.  


We emphasize values in our kids program. They include:  

  • Creating and maintaining a good work ethic
  • Respect for others
  • Responsibility
  • Setting goals in life
  • Never giving up

This is intended to create well rounded kids that can not only defend themselves, but are responsible with their skill, have respect for others, and know the value of working hard for their goals. Our students are taught to stop until they have overcome a problem or reached their goal.



In Krav RMX, kids will learn by level.  Each level has self defense movements for the students to learn and master. They then must prove they are proficient in order to move up to the next level.  The movements are always a combination of striking and blocking techniques, grabbing defenses, and ground defenses. Children will engage in light sparring to build coordination, learn timing, and learn to be proficient in their self defense movements. 

We are here to win the fight and overcome life’s obstacles. By training this way, your child will be able to walk through life in peace, with great confidence and be successful. 

Foundations for the Future

Our kids Krav RMX program lays the foundation for training in our adult Krav Maga program later.   All movements are Krav Maga Based which means that a little dragon (age 3-5) can promote directly to the kids program.   A kids program student (age 6- 13) can promote directly to the adult program once they are old enough and ready. Kids at RHAMMA Krav Maga grow up right into the adult program and continue learning and enriching their lives.

Little Dragons

All of our students, but especially our littlest students (ages 3-5), learn & practice: self control, how to follow directions, discipline, and physical fitness.

The class never stops moving. They work on blocks, punches, and kicks. There is even an obstacle course! This is arguably our instructors favorite class to teach.

Instructors Make the Difference

All instructors leading the children’s classes meet certain physical fitness requirements, respecting our school’s philosophy of leading by example.

“We practice what we preach and the instructors here are living testaments to the transformative effects of the martial arts.”

-Mr. G