“We have two boys that take classes with Rochester Hills Choi Kwang Do. Mister G is an amazing instructor.  He has a true gift in teaching.  He has a great balance of discipline and playfulness.”
– Dr. Patricia Collins.  OBGYN

“Our family has had a great experience with Choi Kwang Do.  My son has been coming to the Dojang for 3 years and is working toward his black belt.  Mr. G (Wygocki) has been a great mentor and instructor.  His approach has a great balance between seriousness and humor.  My son loves coming to Mr. G’s classes.  Also, my son is part of the STORM team and he has become a better martial artist as a result.  He is able to instruct other without being over bearing.  Mr. G is a fabulous role model and my son is becoming one too!

I highly recommend Choi Kwang Do (CKD) to anyone who wants their child to have a positive, fun experience while learning invaluable skills.  My 8 year old son has been taking lessons here for the last 4 months.  The wonderful Sensei (MR G) and office staff are very positive with him.  Their #1 rule, “try your best”  help him feel confident even if he doesn’t get something right as long as he keeps trying.   My son looks forward to each and every class and learning awesome moves and important self discipline. Mr. G also teaches essential life skills such as respect, honesty and integrity in everyday life.   I highly recommend Choi Kwang Do.”
– Nitin Sawhney

“Our family has attended RHCKD for over 18 months, we have seen improvement in focus, mood, and skill.  Mr. G is incredible with children at all levels.  He is committed to his students and has patience and skill.  He is also fabulous with children with special needs.  We love this school and recommend it to everyone we know.”
– Carry Lozier (Lozier music)

“My son Pablo has become more independent and aware of right and wrong when interacting with other kids.  Mr. G sets a great example for them to look up to, mainly because of the principles he teaches and the patience and talent he has towards all the children.  We are very pleased he is attending to Choi Kwang Do lessons the at Rochester Hills facility.”
– Fatima Luevanos

“Mr. G’s instruction has helped my child improve his listening skills and following instructions.  Also, my son has improved in his movements, physical stability.  I really enjoy this experience with my child.  He has a lot of respect for Mr. G and this has also helped him learn respect outside the class.”
– Mrs. Samohin

“For our son the program has been amazing.  When we enrolled him, his teachers were talking about keeping him back another year.  But mr. G taught him how to control his energy and he not only had a good year in school, but quickly become a leader in his class.  His mental and physical strength grew leaps and bounds.  For me, the program has given me an outlet I have missed since my baseball playing career ended.  The discipline and workouts are better than anything I have ever experienced.  CKD has been great for all of us.    Mr. G cares for his students like they were his own family.”
– Dave and Robbie Hoffman. (father and son students)

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