Large group of women in pairs lined up and down the training room floor across from each other. One side/line is holding tombstone pads down for groin kicks. The other line is at various stages of throwing them at the pads.

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We offer this event twice a year. Usually in the spring and the fall.

Three hours of women’s self defense instruction with live stress drills!

Practice what you learn on a live attacker wearing a tactical padded suit.


  • Awareness and how to fight back and defend your life against an attacker.
  • To use your fight or flight reaction to your advantage.
  • Learn how to trust your instincts
  • How to deter an attack before it happens

Learn and perform:

  • striking
  • kicking
  • choke defenses
  • bear hug defenses
  • targeting the weakest areas on an attacker

This class is highly interactive and everybody will have multiple chances to use what they learn in stress attack drills.

All proceeds will be donated to Haven Women’s Shelter.

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