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WYCD Womens Self Defense/Empowerment Seminar

//WYCD Womens Self Defense/Empowerment Seminar

WYCD Womens Self Defense/Empowerment Seminar

Join Us for the WYCD 99.5 womens self-defense / empowerment seminar, APRIL 28th

Self-defense is not just about the physical act of punching and kicking, it’s also about the mindset of being willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.
Participants in this self-defense seminar will learn techniques and skills to avoid and, if necessary, overcome a confrontation with a male attacker.  The seminar touches upon concepts such as threat identification, pre-flight indicators, as well as tactics to successfully avoid and deescalate dangerous situations.
This is a hands-on seminar, participants will be learning and practicing self defense escapes and counter attack techniques with other participants and instructors in the class.
Please see our schedule and click on the pink womens self defense seminar box to register.