About Us

RHAMMA Krav Maga is a school of martial arts that teaches the value of working hard for your goals.  We stress the importance of the individual’s right to be sovereign and gain the ability to protect themselves.  We aim to provide an honest training experience, with nothing held back.  

We teach Krav Maga: which is a mixture of multiple martial arts organized to use the most effective, most efficient techniques to achieve highly effective personal self defense.   The success of Krav Maga is in its basic philosophy: to continually modify and adapt self defense techniques to be efficient, intuitive, and effective. By training in Krav Maga, you are receiving the best of multiple disciplines, without being locked into just one theorem of a fighting system.

Our vision is to prepare people as quickly as possible to be able to defend themselves against a stand up confrontation, ground fight, being grabbed or choked, being attacked with knives, broken bottles, sticks, clubs, or close range gun confrontations. 


RHAMMA is a Krav Maga Worldwide™ (KMW) certified school.

Founded in 2007 by Owner and Chief Instructor, Glenn Wygocki. Mr. G has 25+ years of martial arts experience.

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Our KMW certified instructors continually train in this always evolving self defense system. Our instructors not only physically fit, they are committed to their work and their skills. 

Mr. G is committed to his students and teaches the majority of classes himself. In addition to their personal training, all instructors train together each week with special instruction from Mr. G, ensuring the quality RHAMMA is known for.

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We feature a large, safe, and clean training space. The training floor is cleaned multiple times a day between classes.

A well stocked weight room is available to all adult students. As is weight training classes!

We have a dedicated bag room is host to our fitness bag classes.


Our school teaches self defense but it is so much more than that. Our students and instructors encourage and support each other with respect. 


Help You Reach Your Goals

Self defense, fitness, and fighting. No matter your goal, our instructors are equipped to help you achieve it.

Teach Self Defense

RHAMMA has a mission to teach self defense and create a positive impact in the community by providing a training environment available to all backgrounds and ability levels.

Make You Feel Safe

It is important to us to have a space where adults and children feel welcomed, safe, and that they belong no matter what.

Improve Your Self Confidence

Learning self defense in a welcoming, non-judgmental, environment can help you feel more empowered, independent, and confident.